Low steam velocity & droplet separation

We introduced low steam velocity in combination with cycloning in modern Multi-effect distillation to improve the WFI quality, drastically reducing the risk of carryover of droplets and particles to the clean side. The AQUA-ZERO design has been in use for over 30 years ensuring an excellent WFI and Pure Steam quality.

Float type heat exchangers

The heat exchangers are fully submerged in the boiler water ensuring tensionless operation and no dry spots thereby avoiding micro cracks and material exhaustion. The design allows for the equal expansion/contraction of the materials.

Proportional media regulation

Automatic regulation of water and steam assure a trouble-free operation even at changing conditions as e.g. during simultaneous COMBI production of WFI  and Pure Steam.

COMBI units, simultaneous WFI & PS production

Flexible design and ‘tailor-made’ pure steam production as per client’s specification allows for our unique COMBI design, the first on the market in 1995.

Flexibility & capacity

Client adapted designs where the Pure Steam generation is 'tailor made' to your individual needs resulting in highest production flexibility.

High accessibility for service

The skid mounted units are designed for easy  access and service of all components.

Commissioning and after sales

Our specialists and technical team will support you all the way from design, order, installation, commissioning and with after sales service to guarantee a trouble-free production and long life time.

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