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Our COMBI design of energy saving WFI Distillation with simultaneous Pure Steam generation gives high flexibility, easy installation and cost reduction.

The know-how has led to further developments of the Aqua-Zero basic design with:

  • Low steam velocity
  • Cyclone Separation
  • Proportional media regulation
  • High accessibility

The units comply with international standards as USP, EP, ISPE, PICs, cGMP and other, international regulations.

Typical quality values in regular production of WFI distillate and condensed Pure Steam are:

  Conductivity: <0,5 μS/cm, 25˚C
  Micro Organisms: <0,01 Cfu /ml
  Endotoxines: <0,125 EU /ml
  TOC: <50 ppb

The installations of the WFI & Pure Steam units with tanks and loop systems are carefully planned in 3D by our skilled design department with long experience.

A long-term trouble-free production, will give important savings in:

  • Investment
  • Installation
  • Validation
  • Service

We invite you to send your general idea and specifications to be able to present the best solutions for you new facilities, as per the latest 'state-of-the-art'.

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