The AQUA-ZERO design was introduced by Elander in 1981

Distillate quality, high efficiency and reliability are key aspects of your new WFI distillation unit, the heart of your sterile, production system.

Although today WFI production by filtration is now allowed we still feel that WFI by Distillation gives additional security for critical production of sterile injectables & infusions.

We designed the first modern Multi-effect (ME) distiller based on low steam velocity and tensionless ‘float type’ heat exchangers, giving many advantages.


  • 1981 Launching our 1st modern, low velocity Multieffect distiller under the name of HAFER.
  • 1993Modernizing the cyclone separation and the proportional regulation.
  • 1995 Introducing the 1st COMBI unit to the market for  simultaneous production of WFI & PS at 100%.
  • 2016 Creating the new, flexible AQUA-ZERO units.

With more than 40 years of experience, AQUA-ZERO WFI & COMBI distillers are the most reliable units on the market.

We feel that producing WFI by distillation continues to be the safest method, today and in the future.

Djursholm, Sweden, 2019-05-21

Lars-Eric Elander, CEO

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