Manufacturing & assembly in one place means full quality control


The cooperation between Elander and IPROS was motivated to strengthen our ability to supply complete production systems including installation, commissioning, validation and after sales service.

With IPROS, Slovenia, we offer in one place the complete design, engineering, manufacturing and technical service that is available at their brand new, clean facilities in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Thereby we also have full control over the entire manufacturing process accompanied by the required quality documentation for the certification and validation of the units.

The entire installations of WFI & Pure Steam units with tanks and loop systems, are carefully 3D planned by the skilled design department with experiences from around the world.

IPROS, the factory

A highly specialized engineering & manufacturing company for the design and development of process solutions for the pharmaceutical, dairy, brewery and food industries.
Design, documentation, validation, complete engineering and manufacturing of vessels, heat exchangers and WFI Multi-effect Distillation and Pure Steam units.

Execution of basic and detailed designs, 3D modelling, specifications of material, construction drawings for the manufacturing, ‘as built’ design/projects, technical documentation, certifications and validation documentation are all made ‘in-house’.

All units pass a factory FAT test before delivery assuring the right function and capacity as per your specified order and URS. The documentation is complete for the validation of the equipment at site.

The units and the entire systems are ready installed and commissioned by our specialists.
A complete SAT documentation with DQ/IQ/OQ is provided when ordered.

IPROS’s brand new triple AAA sanitary facility, ISO 9001/2015, TÜV approved, is at your service.

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